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Wild Camping Experience

A bundle of snaps from last night's Wild Camping Experience with Pete, Pauline, John and Steve.

We set off from the glorious Wasdale Valley and made our way towards the secluded valley head. We opted to take the Piers Gill route up to meet the Corridor Route just below Scafell Pike. This route is always a joy and I really should do it more often. We joined the Corridor Route for a short while before cutting off across Lambfoot Dub, a seldom visited part of the Central Fells. One final climb brought us up to Calf Cove behind Great End, and so we hiked up the final slopes to it's summit. Great End is also a peak that I rarely visit, and this route we had taken to it's summit (almost 'in the back door') was incredible, and the views from it's summit were spectacular. To this point we'd seen about 6 people all day which was amazing seeing as Scafell Pike was clearly heaving! We descended to Sprinkling Tarn but then opted to head lower for the more sheltered Styhead Tarn to camp. This was a minor city of tents but still had a nice Wild feel about it. We pitched up, enjoyed some beers (and whiskey) as well as our meal pouches as the day drew to a close.

This morning we opted for an easy escape from Styhead Pass back to Wasdale as the weather was due to change - and shortly down the road in the car it did piss it down - perfection! #LivefortheNow

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