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Winter Skills in the Lake District

A very happy Easter everyone!

My day was spent with the super lovely Hayley and Candy on Helvellyn. They were in the Keswick Cotswold buying some kit chatting to a staff member about heading up Helvellyn, and when they were told it was still wintry up there they made a wise decision to alter their plans - not to change the mountain, but to go guided! They were pretty happy with their decision as Hayley said 'we 100% would have died' a good result all round really!

We enjoyed Swirral Edge and descended via Keppel Cove. Loads of people out today enjoying the alpine weather - some of which were lucky enough to be wearing the newly nominated Nike Air Max Premiums ;)

***Helvellyn and the edges are still under full winter condition***

Lake District Winter Skills I Lakeland Mountain Guides

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