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Scafell Pike Guided Walk

A tremendous day out with the Fitzgibbon family on Scafell Pike today! As I drove into the valley this morning the cloud was starting to shift off of Scafell Pike's summit and luckily for us it stayed that way all day! We had some quote lovely blue skies and sunshine as we made excellent progress up to the summit via Mickledore - a fab adventure for the kids and also much quieter too. On the way to the summit we bumped into LMG James and his pal who are today doing a Bob Graham Round (66 miles, 42 peaks, 8500m+ ascent) as you do! We lunched just off the summit of Scafell Pike, again to escape the crowds and to enjoy some better views. On our descent we caught a brief hail shower and by the time we were down at Lingmell Col the sun was shining once more. Crowd evasion continued as we descended Lingmell Nose and everyone particularly enjoyed the multiple jet flypasts as they soared underneath us and out to sea! #LivefortheNow 

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