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Corporate Charity Challenge Walk

A brilliant day out with this team of 22 from JLL. Our original plan had to be altered due to a somewhat horrendous forecast, but Plan B turned out to be pretty mega. The group were based out of Coniston and keen as mustard and so we took them on a bagging mission on the 'Coniston Skyline'. The first peak was the Old Man of Coniston, on the ascent of which the rain started to ease but the wind was proving quite gusty. The team however we're pretty capable and so we continued over Brim Fell onto Swirl How. Our route descended down the Prison Band and after a bite to eat behind some crags we ascended to climb our final peak, Wetherlam. We were certainly challenged by the weather today, even if it was a bit kinder than forecast. The team did ace and they've certainly earned the £13,000 they've raise so far for Crisis. Thanks to LMG James for the co-guiding as well as trainees Tom and Gareth for the help. #LivefortheNow  

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