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Blencathra Sunset Walk

Excellent fun on Blencathra last night with LMG regulars Alison, Lindsay, Erica, Libby and Lee. The group were keen for a sunset walk and with their passion for Scrambling heading for Blencathra was an obvious choice. Somehow amongst all this rubbish weather we've had recently we'd lucked out! We set off from Threlkeld about 7pm and ventured up Halls Fell Ridge. We reached the top just minutes before the sun dropped out of sight to the west. Down we trotted to Scales Tarn and then back up and along Sharp Edge at dusk. We had a few options for our descent and our choice was to descend Halls Fell Ridge with our headtorches on which was quite fun for sure. A great evening with a lovely bunch, and no rain which makes a change for their 2019 adventures so far! #LivefortheNow  

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