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Bespoke Guided Walk

Back on Saturday this group of pals joined us for a days guiding with the main objective of getting across Striding Edge onto Helvellyn. The chaps hadn't done any hillwalking before and so when the winds were gusting and the rocks were greasy their guide Geoff thought Striding Edge would be best enjoyed on another day. The group walked to the start of the edge and then descended to Red Tarn before climbing to the start of Swirral Edge. From here they ascended to the summit of Catstycam and then dropped back into Glenridding. As much as we like to achieve 'Plan A' on any given day, our guides will always use their 'Sound Mountain Judgement' to make decisions based on safety and / or levels of possible enjoyment. As we all know, Striding Edge isn't going anywhere, and these chaps all loved their experience and will no doubt be back for more - hopefully on one of those rare blue skied days! #LivefortheNow

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