Blencathra Winter Walk

Mega times on Blencathra this afternoon with LMG Trainees Em & Sophie. An introduction to winter scrambling for these two and Halls Fell Ridge on to Blencathra seemed a good bet, but what we didn't anticipate was the epic light we'd get looking westward. Stunning! We topped out into a whiteout and then descended Doddick Fell under darkness to conclude a really ace few hours on the hill. CONDITIONS REPORT Take tomorrow off work, pull a sicky or just quit! Lots of snow starting from roughly 550m much of which was great fun. Crampons not necessary until about 700m when the older snow under new snow was quite firm. Frozen turf probably from 750m where exposed. But it's a clear night out there and forecast to be minus 4, all that snow that has been melted a tad in the sun today will freeze up beautifully and I reckon we'll have some good Neve on our hands tomorrow. Take the chance and get out there! Crampons and Ice Axe essential for the upper section of the peak and probably much lower tomorrow. Large cornices have formed on the coire rims so stay well back. It goes without saying that knowing how to navigate off a wintry summit plateau is mandatory. Have fun!

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