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Mountain Skills Course - Day 2

Also out enjoying what was a perfect weather day was Jo and Camilla. This was day 2 of their mountain skills course which we've split across a few weeks. The focus of day 2 is advanced navigation and also scrambling skills.

Under the coaching of LMG Ush the team ventured up towards Tarn Crag and covered journey planning and off path navigation, navigating around the lumps and bumps. After some bearing practice Camilla who is a 6 months pregnant (woop!) chilled at Stickle Tarn whilst Jo scrambled up Jack's Rake.

Jo was pushing his own limits here and under Ush's guidance he was coached to the top of the classic scramble and walked away with a massive sense of accomplishment - and rightly so!

The pair are now ready to go on and have more confident adventures with their newfound skills, skills they'll of course be able to pass on to their youngling in the years to come.

Thanks and congratulations guys! #LivefortheNow

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