Rock climbing and Ghyll Scrambling Adventure Day

Wow, we had some fun today!

Biiiig shout out to the super group from Yorkie Talkies Walking group who joined us for yet another adventure day. Less than ideal conditions this morning for our climbing session but this didn't prevent some epic efforts.

The weather was ideal for Ghyll Scrambling this afternoon, which was a real blast and yet again people pushed their boundaries.

A special shout out to this lady Kathryn who had previously joined us on a ghyll experience and ended up leaving it fairly early on. Here she is facing her fears and taking on the adventure by sliding down into a pool and going under! Something she's not overly fond of. So awesome to see this development and an amazing feeling to be able to yet again be facilitating an activity which can enable someone to take such steps. The bravery wasn't isolated to Kathryn as many others dug deep and lept, slid and scrambled their way down this awesome ghyll 🙌

Thanks again all, well done!!

Big shout out to LMG Gibson and Ush for co-hosting this day too!

Get in touch for your adventure activity needs!

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