Ghyll Scrambling Experience (Gorge Walking)

Church Beck, Coniston

Monday 11th July - 9am


This popular ghyll is situated in Coniston. It consists of being lowered down amazing waterfalls, scrambling over rocks and taking on a big jump (optional!) It requires bravery, but is super rewarding! 


1.5-2.5 Hour Experience depending on group size (plus kitting up and getting changed time), Suitable for Age 8+. All under 18's must be supervised by an Adult. Groups size of 12 maximum. Private Expereinces also available. 


Kit List, meet location and other info provided upon booking. All safety equipment is provideed and we'll send you home with a few photos too! 


Water Level Cancellation or Postponement

We get loads of rain here in the Lake District, which makes spending time in the ghyll a great activity to do as you’re going to get soaked anyway! Unfortunately however, sometimes we can have too much rain and this may make the ghyll dangerous to be in. This could mean we may be forced to delay our entry to the ghyll by a few hours, or possibly exclude smaller humans from the activity all together.

It has also been known for the ghylls to have too little water in for us to be able to complete a full experience.


We will always endeavour to make postponements or cancellations in advance of the meet time, however sometimes we just have to get to the ghyll to see the situatin before making this call. As such, sometimes we may inconvenience you, but please understand firstly, we can’t control the weather and secondly, we want you to have the best, safest and most fun experience with us you can.


Ghyll Scrambling Experience - Church Beck