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As a commercial operator running walks, challenge events and skills courses all through the year there is no doubt we have an impact on the upland environment. Simply by using a path we are adding footfall to wear down those stones and bringing the time for renewal that little bit closer. Having an impact in some shape of form is unavoidable, so we go with the aim of leaving the mountains having had a positive impact regardless as to how many people we may be leading on such an event. We're not alone in our mission to do this, we are fortunate enough to work alongside some other fab outdoor providers all over the UK who share the same aim, but we thought we'd let you know what our approach is so when you book you know you're contributing to the protection of our amazing upland environment:


  • We educate our clients when they book. Every single client receives an info pack with environmental information in.

  • We start our events from National Trust car parks where possible. The car park fee is used in the local area to help maintain paths etc. Our Scafell Pike start point in Wasdale is a key example of this as we could start at the green and all park for free!

  • We remove ALL litter from our events. Rubbish bags are provided at the support vehicle and recyclable waste is disposed off properly.

  • We stay up to date and work hand in hand with the local rangers from organisations such as the National Trust Lake District and the Lake District National Park. We have a great relationship with some of the rangers and educate our clients of their work. We even attend conferences to do with upland path management.

  • We stick to paths where possible. There is an exception when working with small groups where we may break off the path to take a more wild approach. It would take years of having to walk the exact same route to have a visible impact.

  • We proudly support the John Muir Trust with the Wild Ways Path Appeal. We donate £2per participant from any Corporate or Charity event to the charity. 

You will notice from our extensive offerings on this website we not only operate in the Lake District but also Snowdonia and the highlands of Scotland. We take this approach with us all over the UK and we only work with instructors who share this same ethos. Could we do more to help, yes probably! But are we proud of what we already do? most certainly!

So please be assured that when you sign up for that guided walk, long distance challenge event or skills course with Lakeland Mountain Guides you are having a positive effect with positive people!

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