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Within our team we have a broad range of experience and qualification, making us a great choice for anyone with an event that needs support in the mountainous environment. Over the years we've worked with charities, film crews and production companies to provide mountain safety cover and first aid, and we of course organise our very own Lakeland Festival of Light event which is no mean feat!

We pride ourselves on running excellent, safe and thought out adventures for our own clients, and we'd be more than happy to be pulled in by any organisation to help make sure their event or production operates the same way. 

Whether you want to use us as consultants on route planning, risk assessing or general advice, or maybe you want some leaders on the ground to guide, porter or rig, I'm sure we can help. 

Due to the broad nature of such work, please contact us to discuss your requirements. This service is available UK wide. 

Mountain Safety Services

The Lakeland Festival of Light. Credit: Tom McNally

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