If you've had a go at climbing indoors or outdoors and fancy trying some harder routes, or routes high on the side of a mountain then maybe you would enjoy a day of guided rock climbing.


On a day with a Mountaineering Instructor you can be led up any rock route in the Lake District. The instructor will be sure to teach you a few things along the way, as well as snapping some photos of you throwing some shapes as you make your way up the route. We can provide some great recommendations as to classic rock routes to climb, or we can set up a day climbing those routes you've had on your list. Popular choices are Little Chamonix (VD), Troutdale Pinnacle (S) and Napes Needle (HS).

Guided Rock Climbing

  • If you are looking to book a day of guided walking that occurs within the next 72 hours please email us on lakelandmountainguides@live.co.uk or call us on 01900 336795. 

    It is very rare that we are unable to provide a leader for an event, but as I'm sure you can appreciate it can get very busy in the summer months and therefore short notice bookings can be harder to fulfill.