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Whether you are a Mountain Leader Aspirant or just a hill walker then this skills course can be of great benefit to you. If you enjoy a bit of scrambling on broken terrain with friends and family then having the skills to be able to protect them and yourself is an added bonus.

If you are a Mountain Leader then you will probably know this is one of the most failed modules alongside Navigation, so having a refresher course before you go to assessment could be a great benefit. Over the course of the day we'd hope to cover:


  • 'Spotting' - Providing support whilst scrambling

  • Confidence Roping,  Belay Methods & Knots

  • Anchor Selection

  • Route Finding

  • The Leaders Descent - Abseiling with just a rope

Security on Steep Ground & Scrambling Skills Course

  • If you are looking to book your challenge event that occurs within the next 72 hours please email us on or call us on 07557022362. 

    It is very rare that we are unable to provide a leader for an event, but as I'm sure you can appreciate the winter months can provide some harsh weather conditions and we will only take a booking if we deem it safe to head out. 

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