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If you're looking at really making some gains on your navigational abilities, then a two day course is certainly the way to go. The second day really adds a lot of value in terms of consolidation of the skills learnt on the first day, and enables you to really take control under the guidance of an experienced tutor. As with all of our mountain skills courses the 2 day course can be tailored to suit your aspirations, so whether you're an absolute beginner or have a sturdy foundation already, you'll be sure to leave this course bulging with confidence. Each day will last approximately 5-6 hours depending on location and group size. 

As previously mentioned the course will be tailored to your requirements, but you could expect to cover everything listed in the above two courses. 

Two Day Navigation Training Course

  • If you are looking to book your challenge event that occurs within the next 72 hours please email us on or call us on 07557022362. 

    It is very rare that we are unable to provide a leader for an event, but as I'm sure you can appreciate the winter months can provide some harsh weather conditions and we will only take a booking if we deem it safe to head out. 

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