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Experiencing the sunset and sunrise whilst on the fells is remarkable. That feeling of being up there when everyone else is in bed or sitting inside watching TV makes you feel like a true adventurer! Camping up on the fells is not only a fantastic way to experience this but a great way to spend a weekend! On this 2 day Wild Camping Experience we will set out on a long journey somewhere in the Lake District and spend a night out on the side of one of our great mountains. On our two day experience we'd expect to cover:

  • Basic Navigation Training
  • Route Planning, Map and Compass Work
  • Equipment Selection - Tent Types, Camping Equipment
  • Food Selection
  • Hygiene & Sanitation - Finding clean water etc
  • Basic weather interpretation
  • Environmental Concerns and UK Laws


Wild Camping equipment can be hired for the course if you do not have your own. Your evening meal will be provided for you.

Please note that to participate in this course you need to have basic hill fitness and be able to carry a 12-14kg rucksack over mountainous terrain for a total of about 15 miles. 


Wild Camping Experience

  • If you are looking to book your challenge event that occurs within the next 72 hours please email us on or call us on 07557022362. 

    It is very rare that we are unable to provide a leader for an event, but as I'm sure you can appreciate the winter months can provide some harsh weather conditions and we will only take a booking if we deem it safe to head out. 

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