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This is for a bespoke course, on a date to suit you (Subject to availability)


Ever heard the phrase 'it's like trying to navigate around inside a ping-pong ball'? - Anyone who has been caught in a whiteout whilst out winter walking will know exactly what this refers to! 

Whilst out in summer, any navigational error may lead to a tricky descent or an extra few miles, but a poor decision in winter can quickly escalate into a serious situation. If you have a good understanding of navigation using a map and compass and venture out into the hills in winter, but want to gain a greater understanding of navigating when it all gets tricky then this is the course for you. This course aims to cover Navigational Tactics, improvement on Pacing and Timing, Accurate execution of compass bearings and Relocation Tactics. 


This course is both physically and mentally demanding, so only those with a basic concept of navigation already and reasonable hill fitness should attend. Should winter conditions not be available for our chosen date we can seek alternative options such as night navigation. 

Winter Specific Navigation Training

  • If you are looking to book your challenge event that occurs within the next 72 hours please email us on or call us on 07557022362. 

    It is very rare that we are unable to provide a leader for an event, but as I'm sure you can appreciate the winter months can provide some harsh weather conditions and we will only take a booking if we deem it safe to head out. 

  • Winter walking is not only physically tougher, but technically too. In order for us to stay safe on our adventure you will be required to have additional technical walking equipment in the form of a Walking Axe, Walking Crampons and Winter Mountaineering Boots (Summer boots do not suffice). We have a hire pool of all these items, so if you require them please head to the shop and add the various items you require in to the basket. Please ensure you add on what size boots you require. 

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