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The National 3 Peaks Challenge with Qualified Mountain Leaders

The National 3 Peaks Challenge is probably the most popular mountain challenge in the UK! The 3 peaks challenge tackles the mighty Ben Nevis in Scotland, our very own Scafell Pike here in the Lake District, and then Snowdon in Wales. As well as defeating these 3 mountains, the challenge is to do it all within 24 hours!


Our National 3 Peaks Guiding Package provides you with a guide for each mountain to ensure you get up and down safely. Ben Nevis is renowned for being an exceptionally changeable mountain in terms of the weather. It is not uncommon to start at the bottom wearing just a t-shirt, but reaching the top with all your clothes on walking through snow. The summit plateau can also be very tricky to navigate, and dangerous at times, so knowing where to go here is essential. 

Scafell Pike is quite often tackled late at night or in the early hours of the morning. Although it is the smallest of the peaks many regard it as the hardest for the fact that some, if not all of the mountain is done at night. The terrain on Scafell Pike can seem quite benign and at night this is only accentuated. Every year mountain rescue teams are called out to rescue 3 peakers who have underestimated Scafell Pike. If you feel you only want a guide for this section of the walk we can also provide this.

Yr Wyddfa / Snowdon via the traditional 3 peaks routes is not known to be a hard mountain to navigate but depending on your timings you may be arriving in the dark, so a guide would make life easier. 

The benefits of using our guiding package are numerous. You not only get a guide to help you through the mountain stages, but you are not paying extra for the guide's food, accommodation or their time being sat on a bus, unlike many other 3 Peaks Challenge packages. 



As well as supplying you with a professional, experienced guide at the base of each mountain, we can also provide:


  • Recommended timings and tactics for the challenge

  • Start Point Information

  • Kit List

  • Recommendations of Transport companies

Please note we do not supply transport or accommodation. This is a package of guides only. 


Guiding Package — Guides, Risk Assessments, Insurance, Info Pack & Environmental Impact Donation.

£140 per person. Min payment of 8 people.

 No max group size. Guide to Walker Ratio of 1:8

Support Package— All of the above, plus weblink, medical data collation and 12 week fitness plan. 

+ £100  one off payment 

All Prices are subject to VAT at 20%. 

National 3 Peaks Guideing

Why Us?

There are literally dozens of companies who provide the National 3 Peaks Challenge, so it makes life very hard when coming to pick who to trust with your challenge. Over the years we have been given the opportunity to host Three Peaks Challenges for groups of all sizes, abilities and backgrounds and each and every group has been happy with our service. We have the experience to ensure it goes smoothly, and to also help get it back on track when that time starts to slip a little.

We have an excellent safety record, and many glowing testimonials which can be viewed here

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