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Knowing how to use a map and compass to navigate through the hills and mountains is a 'bread and butter' skill that all hillwalkers should have, even if it is tempting to default to mobile technology to get through your day. The better your navigation skills are, the more confident you can be whilst out, and essentially you can have better adventures by taking on routes in inclement weather or even heading off the beaten track. 

In winter your navigation must be on point otherwise things can get quite serious very quickly. If you're keen to make the transition from summer to winter walker also think about winterising your navigation skills too. 

All our instructors have a real passion for teaching navigation as quite simply we love passing on the skill and seeing people develop. Increasingly so we're getting people come to us for courses as they feel they have become over reliant on their mobile phones, and in just a few hours with us we'll help you see that navigating with a map and compass isn't as hard as it may have first thought. 

Throughout the year we will have a series of scheduled navigation training courses, on which you can join a small group (max 6). Alternatively you can book a bespoke course on a date to suit you and your group. 

Bespoke Navigation Training Course Options - Book a date to suit you