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National 3 Peaks Challenge

Back on Tuesday / Wednesday we were hosting a National 3 Peaks Challenge for Choose a Challenge. They brought along near on 60 students to take on this classic challenge, and in the process raised a staggering £35,000+ for various charities.

With so many people on the hill it was vital to have the support on the mountains, so we put out 7 instructors on each peak - meaning there were a total of 21 Lakeland Mountain Guides staff out in just 24 hours. It is on events like these I do realise I have a an epic team of associate instructors who can ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time! Even so, that when a team realised they would not make the summit of Snowdon by the cut off the instructors helped them have a cracking time anyway by getting them swimming in the sunshine!

Thanks to the team once more, you're all legends!

National 3 Peaks Challenge I Lakeland Mountain Guides

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