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Ruffwear Track Jacket Product Review

Lexi in her Ruffwear Track Jacket

If you have a dog, you have probably heard of Ruffwear! If not, where have you been!? Ruffwear is the leading company for outdoor gear and accessories for your outdoor poochies. They have created all sorts from collars, leads and floating toys, right through to harnesses, panniers, protective footwear and of course, jackets. Throughout all of these items Ruffwear have implemented some innovative design features, and ensured the kit is absolutely bombproof.

Over the last 3 years we have been putting the Track Jacket to the test on our Black Labrador Lexi. Lexi comes onto the fells with myself on a regular basis, and if she isn't with me, then she is probably pounding the streets with the Lakeland Dog Walker 'Pack' - my wife's Dog Walking Company. There are not many days in the week where Lexi isn't in this jacket, and you may ask - why put your dog in a jacket?

For me, working as a Mountain Guide, I can experience many different weather types in one day. Working in the Lake District it is usually a selection of howling wind, driven rain, drizzle or just mist. Lexi does have a natural fur coat to deal with the worst of this, but I find peace in the fact that she has a windproof / waterproof layer on that will keep the worst of it off. Furthermore, the Hi-viz nature of the jacket is quite useful when the mist is down as she can sometimes blend in with the boulders otherwise. Although, if I had a pound for every time I was asked if she was a search dog I'd be a millionaire!

Like many dogs, there is nothing more Lexi likes to do than roll around. Whether it's to dry off after having a swim, to make a stone her own, or to roll in something smelly (smellier the better) she loves rolling around! It is for this reason that I know the Track Jacket is a top product and is built to last, because in two years of rolling about on various things with this most recent jacket, it hardly shows a single scratch.

We've had two models of the Track Jacket, and the most recent was certainly a decent upgrade based on the fastening system. The jacket is easy to fit to the dog as their head goes through a hole and a chest peice comes under the body to allow two straps to come up either side and slide into a loop. Unlike the original jacket which had buckles, this jacket just has a hook and loop system to secure the jacket. At first sight you think it wouldn't work as well, especially if you have a 'roller' such as Lexi. Our doubts are yet to be proven as the jacket has never once come undone.

Ruffwear Track Jacket on Lexi

The jacket has a nice slim sporty fit and hosts Light Loops on the collar and sides to help you illuminate your dog for those night adventures.

So to round off this short and sweet review, if you want a bit of kit to keep your dog drier, more visible, and want to leave more of the outdoors outdoors as opposed to being matted into your dogs fur - then you need one of these!

Further information on the Ruffwear Track Jacket can be found on this link. A great range off Ruffwear can also be found at Cotswold Outdoor.

Lexi can also be seen wearing the Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar. I thought I'd give it a quick mention as it is again brilliant! The best thing about this collar, apart from as expected being hard wearing, is that it features a counterweight which keeps the collar in a fixed position, so you know that every time you want to pop your dog on a lead the clip loop is on the back of the neck! Simples...

Matt & Lexi

Note: This review is not a commissioned review by the manufacturer or a supplier of the equipment.

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