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Winter Walking on Helvellyn

Unbelievably the crampons and axes have come back out the boxes as this is the winter that keeps on giving! If you're planning on heading up onto the high fells - particularly Helvellyn via it's edges then this kit is very much still required to have a safe day out. Yes, there were quite a few today without this kit making progress, but at what point do you realise you probably should have had it....the answers are generally collated once a year into Mountain Rescue Annual reports...

Anyways, today I was out with Tom, one of the nicest folks to spend a day on the hill with. He's returning to us after a day with Ed in 2017 and was keen to have a taste of winter before it finally walks out of the door. We ascended a wintry Swirral Edge into the whiteout on the Helvellyn plateau before carefully descending onto Striding Edge. We crossed the edge and descended back to Glenridding. A fab day!

Helvellyn in Winter I Lakeland Mountain Guides

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