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Security on Steep Ground

Mega day on Great Gable with two of our LMG Trainee leaders. The aim of the day was to cover off some steep ground work and the Napes on Great Gable's southern face were the perfect venue.

From Wasdale we ambled up towards Styhead Pass before breaking off to the Climbers Traverse. This narrow path climbs across this southern face and into the plethora of mountain crags - crags which are arguably some of the most iconic to British mountaineering. We enjoyed 'Threading the Needle' and a warm scramble up Sphinx Ridge. At the top of Sphinx ridge you get to this amazing crest of grass where all the crags meet and as you can see the views are pretty amazing. A quick pit-stop on the summit was followed by a scree run to Beck Head and a descent back into Wasdale. A platinum day in the hills.

Scrambling in the Lake District I Lakeland Mountain Guides

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