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Helvellyn & Striding Edge Guided Walk

Woah that was a hot one! Super scorchio up there today.

Sarah had got in touch with the ambition of getting across Striding Edge and conquering her fear of heights at the same time. We'd walked together last year and spoken on the phone recently about how we'd manage the day, however once Sarah stood on the opening section she bravely admitted today was not her day to get across. She was obviously gutted but having the courage to realise when you're not ready and your body and mind are not aligning to help achieve your goal it's the wisest decision she could have made.

The mountain isn't going anywhere, and I got Sarah to do the first few moves so she can now say she's started it and has unfinished business with Striding Edge. To the drawing board now to piece together a plan to increase her confidence on exposed terrain and then we'll be back!

Helvellyn & Striding Edge I Lakeland Mountain Guides

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