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Mountain Skills Course - Day 1 of 2

Did you know tomatoes are a good de-odouriser?...more on that later...

Rubbish asides, today was a lovely day and was day 1 of a 2 day Mountain Skills Course. We started the day by focusing on looking at mountain weather and grid references for an hour or so and then we decided to nav our way up to the Priests Hole. We did enjoy the views from there and after filling a carrier bag with some litter we ambled back over Hartsop Above How.

Along the way Finne, the client's dog decided to fragrance itself with Eau De Fox-poo! Any dog owner knows they're never prouder than when they've done this and that it absolutely stinks! It then occurred to me that in my carrier bag of trash I'd collected up some sachets of tomato ketchup! We soon learnt after multiple rolling incidents with Lexi that tomato is a fab way of getting the smell out so it was in to Brothers Water for poor Finne!

Every cloud and all that..

Mountain Skills Course I Lakeland Mountain Guides

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