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Fleetwith Pike Festival of Light for CYA

As you will have most likely seen from the multiple posts of amazing photos our Lakeland Festival of Light Special - Fleetwith Pike for CYA was a huge success last night.

The skies couldn't have been clearer but we did have a stern northerly wind whipping its way down the Buttermere valley right onto Fleetwith Pike and so keeping everyone happy and warm was our biggest concern. Luckily for us we had 40 hardy folks turn out who were keen to get this to work, and then a team of 16 volunteer marhsalls who were there to support them along the way. Some folks ascended to the half way mark and others went up and over the top, eventually connecting in the middle just as darkness really fell.

For years we'd wanted to perform our trademark spectacle on Fleetwith Pike and none of the LFOL event team were disappointed with what we were seeing.

A big thank you to Honister Slate Mine for their support and collaboration, as well as the farm at Gatesgarth.

I'm so pleased to have not only pulled off yet another night of unique mountain art, but we did it safely and conscientiously to the mountain as I've always said we would. And to top it off we've raised over £1100 for Cumbria Youth Alliance, bringing our Festival of Light totals for 2018 to £13,300!

Thanks again to everyone who has participated and helped make these events happen both last night and this year. Here's to The Lakeland Festival of Light 2019

Fleetwith Pike Festival of Light - Tom Mcnally Photography

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