Lakeland Festival of Light FAQ's

The Lakeland Festival of Light

What does the Lakeland Festival of Light entail?

Generally, the Lakeland Festival of Light (LFOL) sees people line a striking ridgeline or mountain at night – right from the bottom to the top. The event happens in the evening and the procession of people, who are each using a torch, are snapped by professional photographers.

The Striding Edge by Torchlight however is a walk over Helvellyn’s Edges at night and although we do have professional photographers present it is more about the exciting scrambling than the photography.

Who is suitable to join the events?

The great thing about the LFOL events is that they are open to people of most ages and most abilities. As we line the mountain or ridge from the bottom to top there is generally the option to go as far or as little as you like. The main thing to consider is that the LFOL events happen in the evening and entail an element of standing around on a potentially cool mountain side. This is not for everyone and may be particularly unappealing to young children.

As the Striding Edge by Torchlight event is a more serious undertaking we ask that those who join have a reasonable level of hill fitness and previous scrambling experience on at least grade 1 terrain ( Striding Edge, Sharp Edge, Crib Goch, Tryfan)

Do you need a ticket to join the events?

You do not need a ticket or to register for any LFOL event, apart from the Striding Edge by Torchlight event. You MUST sign up for the Striding Edge by Torchlight event in order to participant.

How is the money raised?

Excluding Striding Edge by Torchlight, the events are not for profit. We ask for a recommended donation to attend the event (£20-25) which is either paid on the night of the event or via a donation link which will be provided. This is a recommended donation so if you're coming along with a family or just can't afford that much then that's absolutely fine. You could always think about fundraising the donation amount, I'm sure friends or colleagues would give you a pound or two when you show them what you're doing!

What if the weather is bad on the night?

Unless the weather is due to be unsafe we will tend to try to run the event. The photography may not be quite as good as would be ideal but we’re sure the atmosphere in the hill will still be great.

Is there a mailing list I can sign up to for event updates?

Yes, the mailing list can be joined on the following link:

Are the pictures that are taken at the event available for purchase?

They are available on the following link after the event. Ordinarily 50% of the proceeds from these pictures also goes to the chosen charity for the event.

Is there a raffle at the event? Can tickets be pre-bought and do you need prize donations?