Pinnacle Ridge Scramble

Little did I know when back in April 2018 when I took a booking for 4 people on one of our Striding Edge open events that we'd have just gained some of our most regular, loyal and kind clients to date - fondly known as the 'Geordie 4'.

This year they've been ticking off classic scrambles all across the UK and with it they seem to bring epic weather (apart from to Scotland but that's a tough weather but to crack anyway!) and to celebrate Alison's birthday they joined us yet again to ascend the epic Pinnacle Ridge on St Sunday Crag.

Led by resident LMG Mountaineering Instructor James and assisted by Geoff they all had a cracking day! What could be better than walking in above an inversion that filled the Grisedale Valley and then scrambling up the fallen blocks of the ridge to then enjoy a celebratory G&T to celebrate Al's birthday on the top.

Thanks for the support and adventures this year ladies, you've really made the most of getting out and enjoying the hills!

Why not plan your next scrambling or climbing adventure with LMG? Whether it be transitioning from walking to scrambling or scrambling to climbing we've got the instructors, routes and enthusiasm to help make it happen.

Pinnacle Ridge Scramble I Lakeland Mountain Guides

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