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A wet weekend - Scafell Pike, Helvellyn and more!

Moist is the word of the day! What a wild 24 hours it's been but we've still been out adventuring with some fab people. We had some groups out last night attempting Scafell Pike as part of the National 3 Peaks Challenges but unfortunately due to harsh conditions higher up decisions were made to abandon the summit and return to the safety of the valley. Sometimes you've got to give it a go to find out, and sometimes getting to the top quite simply isn't the sensible decision. Today we had another group on Scafell Pike led by James who did summit, but spent the day in the clouds and drizzle. I was over on Helvellyn with Barry, Nic and Poppy having fun on Striding Edge where the winds had also abated and allowed a safe traverse. A day of hot and humid hiking out of the valley swapping to full waterproofs on the higher fell. Finally Ady was out with some of the trainees on our development scheme running through some of the ropework elements of the mountain leader syllabus. 

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