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Striding Edge by Torchlight 2019

Striding Edge by Torchlight was a roaring success last night - so much so that I think we can claim it to be one of our finest ever night events. Despite the poor forecast almost 40 people joined us in a soggy Glenridding ready to see what the night ahead would hold. The forecast was changing all day but there was a glimmer of hope. We set off up Mires beck with everyone sporting their waterproofs. The light was fading and the dense cloud dominated the surrounding peaks. As we rounded the crest near the summit of Birkhouse Moor the wind picked up and the rain came. It was looking a bit bleak.... And then, just like flicking a switch one final gust came and blew the squally shower away and with it the silhouette of Catstycam appeared...soon followed by Helvellyn. It seemed the luck of the Irish was in the Lake District as that was the last we saw of the cloud and rain for the evening. As we neared the edge Terry Abraham and his film crew arrived and briefed the group on what they were trying to achieve with their shoot, all for the final 'Life of a Mountain' film. Soon enough we were on the edge, and although it was a bit more 'stop-start' than usual due to the filming it was a fun and successful traverse. We enjoyed a stop on the summit under the starlit sky, and some people even caught a few shooting stars to top off what was a fab ascent. Swirral Edge was our descent method and again I couldn't help but look back up the ridge at the dozens of torches approaching. It's always a special sight. Downwards we continued and last orders were just about reached at the Traveller's Rest - the cherry on top! A huge thanks to everyone who attended and supported the event. Thanks to your support we have roughly £1200 to donate to Lake District Search And Mountain Rescue Association - Ldsamra which will no doubt be put towards some vital training for the county. Over the 5 years of hosting this particular event we have now raised about £4,000 which is just ace. Thanks to my team of guides for keeping everyone safe and the morale high. Another top job and a fab way to round off an epic season for LMG. This event is a fab way for us to showcase who we are, what we can do and our true values as a company. We love nothing more than providing epic adventures which forge memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks to Nick of Lakeland Photo Walks for once again risking frostbite to snap the event, and what a set of photos he has produced for us! (Picture sales can be sorted if people want to purchase for the wall!) Finally, thanks to Terry Abraham - Outdoors Filmmaker and Photographer for selecting this rather unique event to feature in your movie. We can't wait to see your work on the big screen. 

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