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Hiking Baby Carriers

What do we have and what are our thoughts?

When Izzy was due our good friends bought us an Osprey Poco AG (the green one) and once Finnley was born we hunted around for a second carrier. We found the LittleLife Ultralight S3 (the blue one).

This isn't a full on review, or 'which is best' as happily for us they're both different, but I have had many people ask what we use and so here are some thoughts.

The Osprey Poco AG.

Clearly a serious bit of kit and as with all Osprey products it's built with function and durability in mind. The back system is adjustable to get that perfect fit for those long days and the straps are comfortable. It's super easy to adjust the seating area for the child and again getting them fitted in is simple.

There is loads of storage so you can take those Hillwalking essentials but the two standout features for me are:

1) the stand. The kick stand means it can freestand so it's easy to load the child in safely, and great for when you take it off (espec if your precious cargo is asleep as they often are when being carried)

2) the sunshade / rain cover. The shade is built in and can be pulled up in seconds. Our carrier came with the rain cover too which covers the whole pack and shields your kid from wind and rain.

This pack is ace for longer days where you need storage, or for if you're venturing into the elements and want to keep your child well protected.

The LittleLife Ultralight S3.

This was a Facebook Marketplace purchase and a fab find. As you'll see it's much more of a rucksack size and when the child is not in it you can handily zip it closed so it just looks like a pack. Again, it's easy to load the kid in. Once on your back they sit lower than the Osprey and I think for the heavier child (Izzy at 15kgs now) it's more comfortable. There is less storage, but enough for snacks, a layer or two. This model can't freestand but does have a place to put your foot to keep it upright. There is also no additional protection such as a shade but I believe other LittleLife models do have one. As a bag it is really comfy to wear and our go to choice for shorter walks out.

I hope this insight helps one way or another. Feel free to message us for more info.

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