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Isle of Skye Mountaineering

It was more adventures on the Isle of Skye this weekend for LMG regulars Alison and Lindsay.

Looking after them was down to LMG's Gibson and Ush. Here's what Gibson had to say about their two days on this fabulous island.

'It was calm but chilly up high all weekend and we had a few heavy snow showers on the first day, but nice cool temperatures on the Sunday.

So, the first day I wanted them to have another good day in the mountains and chose the traverse of Clach Glas (not enough time to get to the summit of blahbeinn), which involves lots of amazing scrambling and some easy climbing in a stunning setting overlooking the black Cuillins and most of the west coast of Scotland. The ladies loved it despite some tough winter conditions at times. The most challenging part of the day for them was descending down the steep scree on the way back to the car. They treated us to a fish and chips from Portree too!

The Sunday we focused the day more on rock climbing and with a good forecast, used Sron Na Ciche as a means of getting a good amount of climbing in. From Glen Brittle we made our way up to the crag and started climbing up a route called little gully, which involved a pitch through a window that involved the backing and footing technique to exit through, a very exciting pitch which involved lots of thrutching and had an interesting soundtrack to accompany the moves! From here we scrambled our way up to the base of Arrow route, a fantastic slabby classic rock route. It was a complete contrast to first route, as it involves a lot of faith in footwork to get to the top of the route, they both did great in their new climbing shoes too 🤘🏻

From here we made our way up to the top of the cioch for the summit of the day 😁 we then abseiled down the side of the Cioch and scrambled our way back down the crag in the afternoon sunshine to finish off the day.

An amazing weekend and really well done to the ladies as they were at times really taken outside of their comfort zones!

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