The Lakeland 24 Peaks Challenge with Professional Mountain Leaders


The Lakeland 24 Peaks Challenge is one of the tougher walking challenges the Lake District has to throw at you. Over the course of 2 seperate days you will journey  over 30 miles across the Lake District picking off a total 24 peaks that stand over 2,400ft in height. To add to the challenge you have to try complete the course in less than a total of 24 hours!

This challenge will push your physical and mental fitness to it's limit. Expect long days containing big ascents, shortly followed by morale crushing descents. Do you have what it takes to complete the Lakeland 24 Peaks Challenge?

The Lakeland 24 Peaks Challenge is best suited to experienced walkers with a good level of fitness. Mountain experience is key to the success of this challenge. The Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge or the Borrowdale10 Challenge are good events to have completed before this event. It is a good training event for the Welsh 3000's and the Lakeland 3000's in 24 Hours

Terrain: Rough & Rocky    Duration: 2 days - Approx. 10-14 Hours per day. 

Route Stats: Miles - 31.5  Ascent - 4800m.      Start Location: The Old Dungeon Ghyll / Ambleside 

Day 1 of this epic day starts in the village of Buttermere, however as it is a linear journey it is best to meet at the end point (The Old Dungeon Ghyll, Langdale) and get transported to the start point. The challenge starts steeply up the slopes of Red Pike. A tough 90 minutes or so of walking brings you to the top of the ridge line where two more peaks come easily. The first big descent comes as you make your way down Gamlin End on High Crag. The route heads over Haystacks (bagged but not included) and then across to Green and Great Gable. A huge height loss is again suffered from the summit of Great Gable but soon you're back on the up as you join the Corridor Route and make your way in to the Scafell Massif. Lingmell, Scafell Pike, and Great End all come fairly swiftly, leaving just Esk Pike and Bowfell. From the summit of Bowfell you descend down 'The Band' and in to Langdale, where there is a conveniently placed pub to round off the day!

Highlights Of Day 1 Include:

  • The Butteremere ridgeline

  • Great Gable

  • The summit of the Highest Mountain in England

  • Sensational views from Bowfell

  • Bagging 10 Peaks

  • A very tough day out which will be sure to test you.

  • Finish the day at a walkers pub

Highlights Of Day 2 Include:

  • Walking the entire Helvellyn range

  • Reaching the 3rd highest summit in England, Helvellyn

  • Fantastic walking terrain with excellent views throughout

  • Bagging 14 Peaks

  • Completing the Lakeland 24 Peaks Challenge

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Day 2 starts at the Kirkstone Pass. Much like day 1, the start of the route gets stuck in to an ascent more or less straight away! The summit of Red Screes is taken in after which some grassy terrain is covered to head across to Dove Crag. Hart Crag and Fairfield soon follow. Seat Sandal is a bit of an outlaying peak but once this and the zig zags on to Dollywagon Pike are complete you've really broken the back of the challenge. Now situated on the Helvellyn range it's a case of short ascents and descents in order to cover the remaining peaks, including Helvellyn. 

The challenge can be finished by either dropping off the ridge to the west in to St John's in the Vale or East to Dockray.

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