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2 Day Navigation Training course - Day 2

A super second day with Rochelle on her bespoke navigation training course. With the aims of spending some time off the path, in order to build some confidence in the contours and compass we spent the day up on Rosthwaite Cam. To get up we took the most adventurous way possible - Cam Crag Ridge! Rochelle enjoyed the easy scrambling, and the top of the Ridge very much just spits you out into a bit of no man's land.

From here it was up to Rochelle to pick suitable ways of getting back to Stonethwaite across the top of the fell, and we navigated from feature to feature, all the time imagining it wasn't a glorious day and it was misty!

A great two days with lots of chat and laughter, thanks Rochelle!

Get in touch for your bespoke navigation or mountain skills course with us.

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