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Blencathra & Sharp Edge in Winter

With a busy week ahead and not much opportunity to get myself into the hill I took the opportunity with a friend to get some winter scrambling in on Blencathra (a mountain which was somehow eluded from the #100walksprogramme last week!?) We set off from Threlkeld at 6:30am and ventured up Halls Fell Ridge under torchlight and a bright moon. There wasn't a breath of wind and so it made for a gorgeous morning to be out, especially as more and more snow capped peaks came into view. Halls Fell was, as always, excellent fun. Yesterdays sunny weather had stripped the snow back to quite a high level, but we did require crampons for the final section. From the summit of Blencathra we descended to Scales Tarn which was so unbelievably tranquil. Sharp Edge was our next objective. We'd both scrambled it's razor edge in winter but this was one of the most enjoyable traverses. Compact snow and ice on the crest meant crampons were essential, and with plenty of caution we safely got across the edge. We got off the hill shortly before midday and opted to head to Cafe West Keswick for a spot of breakfast - where I had possibly one of the finest crispy bacon sarnies I've ever eaten - bravo guys.

Blencathra & Sharp Edge I Lakeland Mountain Guides

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