Helvellyn & The Edges

A fab, or 'Well Boss!' Day as Scott and Kim would have put it on Helvellyn and it's edges. These guys had never hired a guide before but with winter conditions lingering they opted to give us a call. I introudced them to crampons and the walking axe and they had a great time getting stuck in on Swirral Edge. The views from the summit of Helvellyn were excellent but we didn't linger long as Striding Edge was beckoning. We cautiously tackled the steep bank of snow guarding the top of the exit ramp and then packed away the winter kit to enjoy a 'summer' traverse of Striding Edge. As always lots of laughs and banter along the way. Yet another fab day to be out. #LivefortheNow

Helvellyn & Striding Edge Guided Walk I Lakeland Mountain Guides

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