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Snowdon Charity Trek

For 4 years now we've been supporting Orphans In Need with their mountain based fundraising activities and yesterday we we asked to once again lead the up Wales' tallest - Snowdon.

The group of 38 fundraisers climbed via the Llanberis Path under the guidance of Ady, Smyrff, Stephen, Andy as well as some of our trainee leaders. They took it steady and fortunately the hazard of snow and ice was limited and so a summit bid was on the cards. Despite a cloudy forecast the group did get some great views which makes the whole thing that little bit more rewarding, well done all!

While these guys were on the Llanberis Path, LMG Rich was leading a family of 3 up the quieter Rhyd Ddu Path where a great day was also had.

Thanks and well done all! #LivefortheNow

Snowdon Charity Trek I Lakeland Mountain Guides

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