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A fab, but wet weekend! Well done everyone!

Well that's a (wet) wrap!

A busy couple of days with all clients and instructors getting a good soaking at some point! Unfortunately the Snowdon for Sunrise may have a trade descriptions case brought against it as there was no sunrise to speak of...and the Borrowdale10 challenge guys can't be sure what 10 different peaks they actually visited due to a day of mist, wind and rain. Working on the Triathlon X yesterday had it's challenges but it was great to support our friends at Mountain Run.

We had 3 different teams successfully reach the summit of Scafell Pike last night and yesterday morning too despite tough conditions.

It did let up for us this morning as led a school group from Plymouth up Loughrigg for our friends over at West Lakes Adventure.

Huge thanks to Ady, Andy, Scott, Nick, James, Geoff, Coralie & Phil for working through such 'summery' weather all weekend. Double Snowdon tomorrow! #LivefortheNow

Scafell Pike Summit I lakeland Mountain Guides

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