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Lakeland 3000's Sunset Challenge

News just in! The L3K team have summitted both Scafell Pike and now Scafell, all before sunset! Challenge complete, and a new record of 56 minutes ahead (previous was 53!) of sunset! Well done everyone. Now time for them to descend to Wasdale where we'll meet them with pasta bake and beers!

We have another group taking on the L3K sunset challenge on Weds, so how long will the record stand...

A final few pics courtesy of LMG Geoff from the final leg of yesterday's L3K Sunset Challenge.

The team stormed up Scafell Pike from Seathwaite in just 3 hours and then enjoyed the delights of Lord's Rake and the West Wall Traverse to reach their final summit of Scafell. This route isn't always going to be possible to link the two due to what the weather may be doing, but when we can do it we'll offer it as it's epic.

The L3K Sunset challenge is a concept founded by LMG and is an original challenge event. Statistically it matches the National 3 Peaks challenge apart from you don't spend 11 hours on a minibus, you get to enjoy 3 linear walks, and it includes the classic ridge of Striding Edge.

It's a great challenge for anyone with a reasonable level of hill fitness and a bucket load of determination. Next year we will have 2 open challenge dates you can join or we can offer private group experiences.

Have you got what it takes to beat sunset to the top of Scafell over the Lakes 3000's....

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