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Mountain Skills Course - Day 2 of 4

What's the best way to spend your birthday? Doing the best job in the world! A fab day with Gemma on day 2 of her 4 day Mountain Skills Course. She was particularly keen to address some confidence issues when it came to scrambling and moving on rugged terrain and so a dry traverse of Striding Edge was the perfect thing to do. She did amazingly well and even in the time it took to get across (and we did the hardest way possible) I could see her confidence increasing. The navigation training continued through the mist from the summit of Helvellyn but eventually we got under the cloud and enjoyed some views as we descended via Keppel Cove.

Our 1 night wild camping expedition comes next! Just in time for the weather to crap out ;) #LivefortheNow

Mountain Skills Course I Lakeland Mountain Guides

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