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Striding Edge by Torchlight for Mountain Rescue

Last night we hosted our 4th 'Striding Edge by Torchlight' event which went super well. We were joined by 18 people who were all up for the challenge and we had a fab time walking and scrambling together!

Unfortunately it was very misty up there and from a photography point of view it didn't go so well but thank you to Carmen Norman Photography, Tom McNally Photography and Terry Abraham - Outdoors Filmmaker and Photographer for all getting up there with your kit and giving it a chance.

This event raises money for Lake District Search And Mountain Rescue Association - Ldsamra and we raised between £700-800 last night, bringing our 4 year total for this event to well over £3000!

Thanks too all that attended once more and also to the ace guiding team. This event will run again in 2019 if you want to join the fun and have a safe time experiencing this ridge with our leaders. #LivefortheNow

Helvellyn by Torchlight I Lakeland Mountain Guides

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