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Mountain Skills - Day 2

Day 2 of our (very much summer!) Mountain skills course today. I was joined again by Jo, Mel, Becca and Jake for a day focussed on scrambling skills. With the weather all lining up perfectly we headed for Blencathra. As many will know, this mountain holds two classic grade 1 scrambles in the form of Halls Fell Ridge and Sharp Edge. Sharp edge particularly demands a dry day to ensure a safe traverse. We ascended to the scrambling on Halls fell in t-shirts and then focussed on the point of ensuring '3 points of contact' when scrambling. We reached the summit and everyone was keen to ramp it up so we headed for Sharp Edge. Yet again everyone scrambled well and the smiles were shining as big as the sun by the time we reached the top of the edge. Two fab days with a lovely bunch of people, thanks all! #LivefortheNow 

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