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Isle of Skye Rock Climbing

Yesterday's Skye adventure for myself and LMG Ed was tremendous. Our objective was to climb the Cioch, a huge nubbin of rock which almost impossibly sits on the crag. The rock type on Skye is Gabbro and is without question the finest rock to climb on due to the friction and therefore confidence offered. We journeyed our way up to the Cioch and climbed it via it's nose. Atop there is a sword in the stone and so we got the mandatory pictures! From here we had a short scramble to our testpiece objective of the day, a route called Integrity - written in the guide as the best climb of it's grade on the island. After a stiff start through an overhang you become established on a super grippy slab and with it followed whooping and cheering as I danced my way up. For me it's certainly one of the best routes I've ever done. Soon enough our day on the ropes was over and after getting the kit away we walked off into the sunset (not hand in hand). Below are some pictures of the day and a few annotations to show you what and where.  

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