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Post event litter picking

And that folks is now officially an on the hill wrap up of The 2019 Lakeland Festival of Light! On the hill before the crowds to complete a full litter sweep of Catbells to Nichol End and back plus Catbells itself. All litter on the route collected and very little of it can be directly related to the event. Bagged dog mess is the main culprit on and off the hill, all of which I'm about to run down Catbells with - yay! Thanks to all who helped us be sensitive to the environment last night by ensuring they kept their litter, picked up what they saw and stuck to the main paths. Hopefully by the time I get home and have a cup of tea in my hand I'll have formulated some words to summarise what has yet again proven to be one of the best nights of my life. #LivefortheNow 

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