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Scafell Pike on Crutches

Wow! What an inspiring day. It's been a great pleasure helping Luisa reach her goal of summiting Scafell Pike today. As you can see, Luisa is on crutches! Luisa developed some paralysis in her leg after surgery and now has to walk with the aid of crutches, or uses a wheelchair...well that's why we're here. After the incident she found it super hard to get a wheelchair from the NHS based on her circumstances and so she set up her own charity called Freedom for Wheels. Today they have raised an additional £3k for the charity, which adds on to monies raised in recent years when she trekked 150km across the Sahara! The real success today has been her ability to battle on up a notoriously rugged mountain, and come down again! We were out for 11.5 hours and covered just 11km, and so that should indicate how tough this has been. The weather was fairly manky too at times, another element of the day for us to battle. A real inspiration. Her support crew today have been ace, and so has mine (accompanied by LMG John, cheers dude). This is a day I won't forget in a long time. And of course the moral of the story is that anyone really can do anything if you want it enough. #LivefortheNow 

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