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Scafell Pike Guided Walk from Wasdale

Super successful crowd evasion tactics for my walk up Scafell Pike with Ian, David and Andrew. As I pulled up in the almost full National Trust Car Park at Wasdale to see hundreds of people I knew the main path was going to be somewhat nuts and given the great weather it'd be a shame to spend the day staring at the heels of the people in front of you. I immediately pitched the idea of heading in 'the back door' via Peers Gill and the gents readily accepted the opportunity. It took a matter of metres to escape the crowds and we didn't cross paths with another person until we were half way up the Piers Gill Path. As we crossed the Corridor route we kept off the path and took a series of minor scrambles to join the final ascent just 10 minutes from the top. After some snaps on the top we descended to a secluded spot above Pikes Crag for our lunch and then continued down via the also secluded Lingmell Nose. The guys were not only chuffed with their achievements of having climbed England's tallest mountain, but chuffed that they managed to do so via super quiet tracks. The perks of a guide eh... ;) #LivefortheNow  

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