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Helvellyn and Striding Edge Guided Walk

A super day with Lisa and Mark who are enjoying the Lake District this week whilst celebrating their honeymoon! I must admit the last honeymooning couple I took across Striding edge ended up doing so in lashing rain and strong winds - but with the added tension of the lady being very p***ed off with being there as she knew she was going up Helvellyn, just not via the 'death ridge' haha Today was a far smoother affair. Perfect weather and great chat all day. Mark had been busting to do the ridge for a while but Lisa was less certain. Despite her uncertainty in her own capabilities she smashed it, as did Mark. We had lunch on the summit where Mark kindly made us all a cup of tea with his portable stove which was a lovely bonus! Thanks guys, have a fab rest of the week! #LivefortheNow  

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