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Scafell Pike from Wasdale Guided Walk

Chilly times on Scafell Pike for the Tebbit family today. Here's what their guide Carol had to say about the day. 'Having never been up a mountain before, Hattie and the Tebbitt family zoomed it in 3hrs to the summit. Mike, Sarah, Annabelle,, Charlotte and Hattie all made the summit in gusty 35mph winds and rather cool temperatures. A gorgeous family to spend the day with. She raised over £1000 for a children’s cancer charity! Happy days.. With a positive and optimistic mind, goals are achievable in life and Hattie showed this today. Well done - an amazing achievement! Met smiley LMG James in the clag near the summit. Down safe and sound at 4.30. Such a lovely family and we had a few giggles on the descent.' Well done and thanks everyone! #LivefortheNow  

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