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A Wintry Helvellyn

🔺 HELVELLYN IN WINTER 🔺 Ace to be back out with 4 of our faves (don't worry, there are at least 3 more people we consider our favourites... 😉 ) and for us to get the snow day we've been hoping to catch for well over a year! Blue skies, sunshine and a fresh blanket of snow was the order of the day, with a side of 'Fogbow' and a healthy handful of humour poured on top. We ascended to Red Tarn via Mires Beck and then took Swirral Edge to the summit. All the ladies used their newfound winter skills excellently and before we knew it we were soaking up a wintry panorama from the summit! Conditions Report: Fresh snow overnight has given a nice cosmetic look to the fells but it's far from consolidated. Some turf starting to freeze in the upper reaches. I'm sure the warmth from the sun today combined with a good freeze tonight will firm it all up. Ice on the paths still the main hazard. Spikes would be useful for this in places. Plenty of folk out choosing not to (or not knowing?) carry winter kit, some carrying it and not using it. Always best to be over-prepared at this time of year folks. #LivefortheNow

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