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Blencathra Guided Walk

A great day up Blencathra today on our 'Blencathra and Sharp Edge' guided walk.

The event was popular once more, so popular we sold it out twice over but unfortunately the weather didn't oblige us with a dry enough window to get across Sharp Edge. The forecast leading into today was changing every hour and so at the start of the day there was still a possibility, but as most are aware, Sharp Edge is not the most sensible scramble to take on in wet conditions (although some today did get across).

Despite this we had a fun and slippery ascent up Halls Fell ridge which although has it's challenges they are not as consequential as Sharp Edge. From the summit of Blencathra we descended to Moulsthwaite Comb and traversed back around to Scales and then back into Threlkeld.

Thanks to everyone who came along today and understanding our reasons for not taking you across, we'll get it next time 💪

Thanks also to LMG Gibson for the co-guiding and to Jude and Andrew for assisting.

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